EXTREME CURRY FACTORY in Bangladesh + INSANE Street Food Tour of Chittagong, Bangladesh!!!

EXTREME CURRY FACTORY in Bangladesh!! Check out https://ExpressVPN.com/thefoodranger for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! Today, we’re bringing you for a HUGE Street Food tour of Chittagong, Bangladesh, tasting one of the BEST beef curry dishes in the WORLD, and, trying some INSANE street food on the streets of Chittagong, Bangladesh!

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First up, we’re taking you to try a famous street food in Bangladesh, the Jhal Muri with a rich dhal lentil curry. Here on the streets of Chittagong, it was super UNIQUE, because the street food vendor mixes the jhal muri with the dhal, which is full of hundreds of EGGS!!! The vendor also insisted that I eat a fresh green chili to go with it, it was SPICY!!!

Next up, we’re meeting with Mr. Monju, owner of Mezzan Haile Aaiun, who is bringing us into his back kitchen CURRY FACTORY for EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to watch how the world famous Chittagong street food and festival food of Mezbani beef is prepared (also sometimes spelled Mejbani beef). Here in the back kitchen, he has a large staff preparing the local masalas using local spices and by grinding up ginger and garlic on their own stone mortar and pestles. Watching the masala being made was an amazing experience!

As soon as we walked in, you could smell the rich beef aroma in the huge decks. The famous dish, the mezbani beef, is prepared using a dark brown masala that is full of roast cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, and local spices, and of course, the most famous ingredient for street food in Bangladesh, mustard oil. We watched the mezbani beef being prepared in this giant CURRY FACTORY and then made our way to Mr. Monju’s restaurant and had a huge table full of delicious curry.

When we arrived at Mezban Haile Aaiun, we ordered 4 dishes. The mejbani beef, the beef khala bhuna, the nola AKA beef nihari, and a chana dhal with huge chunks of beef. It was all incredibly delicious and was one of the best meals we had in Bangladesh, and made us both fall in love with Bangladeshi cuisine!

The next morning, we’re getting up at 5am to bring you for the ULTIMATE Nihari AKA Nola in downtown Chittagong. This is a super famous street food all throughout Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Every country has their own way of cooking it, and here in Bangladesh, it was made with TONS of local desi ghee and fat from the beef bones and bone marrow. Slurping the beef bones is super satisfying because the fat is infused into the soup and you get a super strong flavour combined with all the local masala and naan!!!

And to finish off our Bangladeshi street food tour in Chittagong, we’re going to Nizam hotel for the ultimate Bangladeshi FEAST! One of the best things about food in Bangladesh is the mustardy kick to a lot of the curries, and here at Nizam hotel, we ordered a full table of chicken curry, beef curry, duck curry, turkey curry, and fish curry. And along with all of these curries, it was also served with tons of Bangladeshi bhortas, AKA mashed vegetable and dried fish dishes that are spicy and full of flavour!!! The best part about this amazing meal in Chittagong, Bangladesh, is the fact that you only pay for what you eat, and the rest is brought back to the kitchen!

We had an amazing time in Bangladesh and will definitely be back to make more of these food videos! I hope you enjoyed watching!

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