Bangladesh on India (THE QUIZ!!)

Bangladesh on India (What Bangladesh think about India ). In this Episode of “Your Indian Abroad Street Show”, we take you to BANGLADESH to find out what BANGLADESH think about INDIA?? 🔴 SUBSCRIBE to SabbyBG Your Indian Abroad :-

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Welcome to the Your Indian Abroad Street Show, a show where Sabby travels abroad and get Global Perspective of Foreigners on India and anything Indian and see what World thinks about India?

We tried our best to make a video that hopefully gives you some idea of Bangladesh on India. We try to understand what BANGLADESHI People think about INDIA or What Bangladesh think about India. This video is inspired by a video called What Bangladeshi People Think About Pakistan and India and what Pakistani people think about Bangladesh and India.

We have always only heard Bangladesh on Indian media or bangladesh on India and Pakistan or even sometimes Bangladsh on Indian Cricket. For now enjoy Bangladesh on India. Some other upcoming videos include Bangladesh on Indian song, Bangladesh on Indian Army and Bangladesh on India latest but for now we really wanted to start with what Bangladesh think about India.

This video is part of our series “Foreigners on India” (Bangladesh on India” edition

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Bangladesh on India
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