Chittagong has some of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh

Chittagong is one of the most important districts in Bangladesh. The district occupies the trade capital of Bangladesh. The 2nd most important city and largest port lies here. Shitakunda and MIrsharai are 2 very prominent sub-districts of Chittagong. Both of them are incredibly scenic and their demands are soaring high in the eyes of tourists.

Places presented in this video are-
1. Mohamaya Lake, Mirsharai
2. Guliakhali Beach, Shitakunda
3. Naval Road, Chittagong city
4. Kumira Sandwip Ferry Terminal, Shitakunda
5. Patenga Beach, Chittagong City
6. Chandranath Hill, Shitakunda
7. Bhatiyari Lake, Shitakunda

Additional glimpses of-
1. Banshbaria Beach
2. Foy,s Lake
3. CRB Hills
4. Khoiachara Cascade
5. Shah Amanat Bridge

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