Ziner Badsha | জিনের বাদশা | Bijori Barkatullah | Shahriar Nazim Joy | Bangla Natok 2021


Ziner Badsha | জিনের বাদশা | Bijori Barkatullah | Shahriar Nazim Joy | Bangla Natok 2021

Drama : Ziner Badsha | জিনের বাদশা
Director : Taher Shipn
Starring : Bijori Barkatullah, Shahriar Nazim Joy, Shirin Alam, Kayrul Alam Sobuz, Ferdowsi Nila, Noresh Bhhuiyan, Sonjoy Raz, Ahmed Masum, Hridoy, Shahriar, Razu, Tamanna, Miron, Mahbub, Anan, Tanjin Hasan,
D.O.P : Sujon Mehmud
Edit & Color : Rasel Mahbub
Background Music : Arman Khan
Digital Platform : ATN Bangla

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