Brand New Congress Song

Have you heard about Brand New Congress?
It’s an idea that I love
The most promising way to turn the tide
In 2018 and put a stop to Trump

Over 400 congressional seats
Brand New Congress has a plan
To win every single one it could be
The single biggest overhaul of the government

It starts with nominating candidates
This is something you can do
Nothing’s stopping you

But don’t nominate politicians
No council members or mayors
They want ordinary people
Who are extraordinary
Known in their community
For being true team players

They want nurses and teachers and police officers
They want Scientists and engineers
90% of congress is made up of lawyers
But we want more diversity, that much is clear

And we want at least half to be women
And every sexual orientation
Full representation
Every race and religion
Every gender under the sun

Does this sound impossible?
Well Donald Trump is your president
So nothing is impossible

The next thing you got to know
About nominating
Is the candidate should be someone
You can imagine campaigning

Campaigns are a performance
We need folks that can do the dance
Talking to the media
Debating on the stage
They can hold their own
In the hyped up media craze

The final criteria is simple
It’s that every candidate believes
In the progressive platform
That they’re trying to build
And can stand arm in arm
Up on Capitol Hill

And can deliver on day one
A Brand New Congress getting things done
Healthcare for the sick
A focus on creating jobs
Justice for all people
Does this sound like it’s just beyond

Hi there! If you’re new around these parts, welcome. I’m Jonathan Mann. I write a song every single day, and I’ve been doing that for the last 7+ years.

Through sick days, tired days, days with no inspiration, the death of my grandma, the breakup of a 5 year long relationship, the marriage to my wife and the birth of our son – I’ve never missed a day. This is my life’s work.

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