Hitchhiking in Bangladesh – Truck & Bike taxi Day 3

This was supposed to be the last day of my Solo backpacking trip to Bangladesh. I left from Mr Harlal’s house, who came to my rescue last evening when I was stranded in a place, where I did not want to be. (watch my earlier video)

Mr Harlal arranged a lift in a truck. From there I went to Gopalganj. Travelled in a crowded bus. Crossed a river on a boat. Was getting late for the border, so hired a bike to Jessore and then, at last, a bus to the Benapole border…. But the bus from Jessore to Benapole border took too long and thereafter…. (watch the next video 😉 )

This way I got a chance to travel on a commercial bike in Bangladesh

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I would definitely recommend all of you to visit Bangladesh. If you are bothered by the negative news coverages, then believe me it is not the real picture of this beautiful country. I met some of the wonderful people during this trip and I am sure you will also be fond of their hospitality, culture and respect towards nature.

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