South Asian Games, Nepal 2019 | Song for Football | Dedicated to Bangladesh National Football Team.

Bangladesh is participating in the South Asian Games 2019 in Nepal. This video song dedicated to Bangladesh National Football Team to encourage the sports spirit. All football fans, please share and spread this song. I have captured these graffiti footage from old Dhaka. Let’s Enjoy.

Video by Masum Rana Travel Book.

Orginal Audio Song Credit: Saif Global Sports Limited.
Agency: Blueline communications ltd.

Executive Producer: Tarik Shahariwar
Creative Consultant: Arifur Rahman
Copywriter: Atul Rakib
D.O.P: Barkat Hossain Polash Sumon Hossain
Voice: Ripon Nath Post – Gravity Studios
Assistants: Akram Hossain Tusher
Director: Rommo Khan

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