Bangladesh Travel Video Guide

Bangladesh Travel Video Guide, gorgeously green yet swamped with people, Bangladesh is a rural wonderland laden with waterways, peppered with villages and bursting with humanity.

Bangladesh Travel Video Guide is awash with rivers; more than 700 of them flow through this small country and the result is a deliciously lush landscape with more shades of green than you ever imagined. Flooding is an annual feature and by the end of the summer huge swathes of Bangladesh are submerged under rising water levels, leaving rich alluvial soils from which to grow next year’s harvests. There are almost as many kilometres of rivers in Bangladesh as there are roads, and travelling by boat is a way of life here. For the traveller, this provides a fabulous opportunity to see the country from a more unusual angle. Arrive at a town by bus and you’re confronted with traffic, fumes, noise and confusion. Arrive by boat and it’s almost like sneaking quietly through the back door. Even if you’re going nowhere in particular, travelling by boat along a river in Bangladesh is one of the most rewarding things you can do during your visit. This is one of the world’s most densely populated countries, but once you’re sitting on a small wooden rowboat, floating slowing down a country river, it’s easy to imagine you have it all to yourself.

Enjoy yourself with this gorgeaous Bangladesh Travel Video Guide

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