Bangla Natok| Chheleti Valobaste Janena| ছেলেটি ভালবাসতে জানেনা| Apurbo| Sohana Saba| Drama City| 4K

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Bangla Natok : Chheleti Valobaste Janena| ছেলেটি ভালবাসতে জানেনা
Story & Dialog : Murad Parvez
Cast : Ziaul Faruk Apurbo, Sohana Saba, Mita Chowdhury, Kohinur, Sonia Shuborna, Asadul Islam and many more.
Cinematographer : Jahed Nannu & Kibria Juwel
Edit & Color : Rudro Biplob
Screenplay & Direction : Murad Parvez
Online Partner : Drama City

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