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নাচঘরে নূপুর বাজে কিংবদন্তীর যে সোনারগাঁয়ে ! TRAVEL HISTORICAL SONARGAON IN BANGLADESH

Sonargaon means Village of Gold. The area is located near the river port of Narayanganj. It was a historic administrative, commercial and maritime centre in Bengal. As an important trading and political center, Sonargaon boasts architecture of the Sultanate, Mughal and colonial periods. Panam City of Sonargaon is one of the most visited tourist spots in Bangladesh. Lok Shilpa Jadughar of Sonargaon holds traditional Folk Arts and Crafts of Bangladesh. In Sonargaon, you can visit the tomb of Sultan Giyasuddin Azam Shah, Dargabari of Saint Ibrahim Daneshmand, ancient Goaldi mosque, historic Sonabibir Dighi and so on.

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