Maya Mamata | মায়া মমতা | Bengali Movie | Ranjit Mallick, Tapas Paul, Chumki

Watch Bengali full movie Maya Mamata : মায়া মমতা বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Maya Mamata was released in the year 1993, Directed by Anjan Choudhury, starring Ranjit Mallick, Tapas Paul, Chumki Choudhury, Anup Kumar, Rabi Ghosh, Dilip Roy, Joy Sengupta, Sabitri Chatterjee.

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Movie: Maya Mamata
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama
Producer: Anjan Choudhury
Director: Anjan Choudhury
Story: Anjan Choudhury
Music Director: Goutam Basu
Lyricist: Anjan Choudhury
Playback: Kumar Sanu, Sadhana Sargam, Kavita Krishnamurthy
Release: 1993
Star cast: Ranjit Mallick, Tapas Paul, Chumki Choudhury, Anup Kumar, Rabi Ghosh, Chumki Choudhury, Dilip Roy, Joy Sengupta, Sabitri Chatterjee, Gita Dey, Sova Sen, Meenakshi Goswami, Kumari Rani

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The story is as Mamata is the daughter of Avinash who was an industrialist. Her mother was a social worker who didn’t love her own daughter. Mamata is Anil’s wife. Anil was a company worker who lost his leg in an accident. Anil’s mother thought that every negative thing happened due to Mamata. Anil’s mother drove away Mamata. Then Mamata came back own House. On the other hand Gautam Mukherjee brother Ananda didn’t live with together. Ananda has a motor garage. Unfortunately Mamata saw Ananda and fell in love with together. Avinash refused to admit their love. So, Avinash destroyed Ananda’s garrage and sent his daughter to his sister’s house. After knowing every thing Gautam brought the garage properties on a high price from Avinash. Then he told Avinash about his real relationship with Ananda. Avinash came back to his daughter from Gautam’ house by deception. On the same way, Gautam took away Mamata from Avinash’s house. Then he arranged the wedding ceremony of Ananda and Mamata. At the same time Mamata’s father went there with police to stop the marriage. But Mamata was an adult. So police went back. Finally Mamata and Ananda gets reunited with a happy ending of the movie.

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