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New Bangla Natok 2019 | Probashey Devier Boshey

Probashey Devir Boshey is a Bengali Drama written by Anindita Das. In this drama Goddess Maa Durga travels to London with her three daughters for in the beginning of the festival Durga puja. The Bengalis who migrated to London in purpose of job and education welcomes them with their warm gratitude but things stared heating up when a girl named Navapatrika stars asking questions but Maa Durga answers them calmly.
Enjoy !!

Cast :

Anindita Das

Urmimala Mazumder

Priti Mondol

Annapurna Dutta

Jhumur Pal

Siddish Dutta

Aritra Roy

Piyali Das Chand

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