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Best of Momtaz | Top5 | Music Show | Bangla Song Momtaz | Momtaz Video Song

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Best of Momtaz | Music Show | Bangla Song Momtaz | Momtaz Video Song.

About Momtaz:
Momtaz Begum is a Bangladeshi singer and producer of Bengali folk music. She is also known as The Music Queen, popular for her unconventional lyrics. During her international career which has spanned two decades, she has recorded around 700 albums. In 2009, she was appointed a member of the Parliament of Bangladesh. Momtaz married Abdur Rashid Sorkar, a teacher of folk songs. She first learned music from her father, Modhu Boyati, then from Matal Razzak Dewan and then from Abddur Rashid Sorkar.
Momtaz has performed concerts across Bangladesh, in Britain and in the United States. She has performed numerous events for the Bangladeshi diaspora communities, in particular in London, where she is very popular among the Baishakhi Mela Source:

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