Exploring BANDARBAN : The hidden beauty of Bangladesh

Hey guys, this is just a short movie of our breathtaking road trip to Bandarban (2017). This place is one of the most exotic adventure hotspots you will ever find in Bangladesh. On the way we met a lot of tribal people and learnt a lot about their culture, and discovered all the beautiful tourist spots that you should go and check out ! With its heavenly scenic beauty and attractive cultural heritage, Bandarban will undoubtedly captivate your soul. So definitely visit this place if you ever travel to Bangladesh. This was worth every mile of our journey !

Follow us on an epic adventure in one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Bangladesh. Here we take you on a spectacular journey driving up and down the narrow bendy roads of Bandarban. From Nilgiri to Chimbuk and from the Golden Temple to Nilachal, we take you through the lavish greenery and waterfalls, mingling with the local indigenous hill tribes at every stop. We also get to taste the fresh produce sold by the local street vendors here. Finally, we ended the day by soaking up in a beautiful sunset at the popular Nilachal hill resort. All in all it was an awesome experience and I want to take the opportunity to share this with you all. I Hope you enjoy this video and find it very useful. Please do let me know if you have any questions about this trip. Thanks for watching and I look forward to bringing you more

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Places of interest:
Nilgiri Hill resort,
Nilachal Hill resort,
Chimbuk Hills,
Boga Lake,
Shaila Propat waterfalls,
The Golden Temple – Buddha Dhatu Jadi,
Bandarban-Rowangchhari-Ruma ,
Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi-Alikadam-Baishari-Dhundhum ,
Chimbuk-Ruma ,
Chimbuk-Tangkabati-Baro Aoulia ,
Aziznagar-Gojalia-Lama and
Meghla Parjatan
Shoila Propat
Prantik Lake
Rijuk Fall
Shangu River
Mirinja Parjatan
Upabon Parjatan

Please do not hesitate to ask us anything about this trip and places to see in Bandarban. Thank you so much for viewing…

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