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Watch – Arvinda Hindi Dubbed Movie Part 08/11 On Eagle Hindi Movies. In this Movie Staring As Aravind Raja, Aishwaraya, Gunasekhar, Santhosh Kumar, Bharath

As it happens with too many cooks, this movie, too, gets complicated with too many characters, especially in the end.

Movie Review: With the lack of continuity in the story and in-your-face background score the audience is left waiting for the song sequences to relax. The slide during the interval too reads ‘Sorry, Relax’. What unfolds after the interval is a roller-coaster ride with blink-and-they-are-gone kind of characters.

Instead of expressing love, Aravinda preaches what it is all about throughout the movie. Even Preeti reciprocates. But she springs a surprise by turning hostile at the behest of her brother. What made the brother-sister duo do this is the rest of the story. For this, the director uses terrorism as the backdrop.

After a series of twists and turns, one is made to understand that her brother is not a terrorist — as painted to be – and that it is someone close to the family who is to be blamed for terrorist activities. Then there is “en mass suicide” sequence for Preeti to recall to justify her hostility towards love. But by then, it’s too late for the couple – the terrorist straps Preeti with a bomb, while Aravinda remains strongly bonded to her through his love. Whether they remain lovers or turn martyrs make the climax.

Title : Arvinda Dubbed FromAravinda (Kannada)

Starring : Aravind Raja, Aishwaraya, Gunasekhar, Santhosh Kumar, Bharath

Editor : Shrinivas P. Babu

Dubbing Director : Jeet Singh

Action : Harries, Johny, Ashok

Lyrics : Sanjay Kabeer

Music : Sanjay Kabeer

Cinematography : Ramesh Albai

Produced By : Ajit A. Joshi

Directed By : P.P.R. Thimmaraj

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