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Muppochora – মুপ্পোছড়া, Bilaichori Waterfalls || Travel in Rangamati ।। Beautiful Bangladesh

This vlog is about super short trekking to Muppochora Waterfall in Bilaichori, Rangamati (বিলাইছড়ি, রাঙ্গামাটি). A bit of adrenaline rush is a toast for you. It’s really cheap there for an amazing trekking experience.
Kaptai – by trawler – Bilaichori – again trawler – Bangalkata –
Muppochora falls

Freshly brewed: “Beautiful Bangladesh || Places 2018 || ঘুরে দেখি বাংলাদেশ || সালতামামি ২০১৭ || Oneplus 3t film ”

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