how to go panama city bangladesh

how to go panama city bangladesh

Sonargaon (Bengali: সোনারগাঁও; conjointly transcribed as Sunārgāon, which means town of Gold) was a historic body, business and maritime center in geographic area. placed within the center of the river delta, it had been the seat of the medieval Muslim rulers and governors of jap geographic area. Sonargaon was represented by various historic travelers, together with Ibn Battuta, Ma Huan, Niccolò de’ Conti and Ralph foulmart as a thriving center of trade and commerce.

It was AN place of business of Fakhruddin Mubarak Shah’s country, the geographic area country and therefore the Kingdom of Bhati.

The area is found close to the fashionable industrial stream port of Narayanganj in Asian nation. Today, the name Sonargaon survives because the Sonargaon Upazila (Sonargaon Subregion) within the region.



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